Thank you TrainerRoad....On the Top box

Round 1 of the XC Spring State Championship Series started with a bang which somehow found me with a substantial lead going into the single track but quickly realized I had neglected to do any outdoor training in the cold weather which quickly took its toll as attempting to draw deep breaths of the 30 degree air destroyed me. Easing back to third place to recoup and mount a attack after warming up a bit was the plan but ended with me going down hard while passing , after running down the hillside to grab my bike and getting back on the trail found me finishing the race in 10th place 1.38 off the lead.

Yesterday was Round 2 of the XC Spring State Championship Series, it was 28 with a wind chill of 18 which made for a miserable race but I was more prepared to attack the cold. The plan was to get to the front and open a gap then settle in. Everything went according to plan with 2 others in tow that came prepared to make it a race. I decided to push the pace around mile 6 to see who would follow and we dropped 3rd and made it a two man race. Going through downhills and tech sections I noticed that 2nd was a bit reluctant to push so I made to choice to push in those types of section and began to open up some room.

In the end I was able to squeak out a 13 second lead to finish the race.

TrainerRoad Training plans work…Thank you.


Love the podium titles!

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Well done!

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Yes!!! Congratulations!

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Way to go!

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