Trainer Road for the Win! - 1st Place Race Today

I raced Cat 2 XC in Fontana today. Low turnout with just 4 at the line. Two laps of full gas racing. The series leader was faster and lighter than me. We took off, I was second at the top of the paved climb as we turned on to the single track. By the end of the first lap we had traded positions twice and I was in first as we crossed the line. We turned back to the 12-17% pavement and 2nd place blasted past me along with third. Now I am in 3rd. All I could think is PACING… THEY WILL BLOW UP. The race went like this with the top 3 juggling spots for the rest of the second lap. As we headed down the last single track descent I was in 2nd with 1st about 70 yards ahead. We hit the fire road to the finish and he had no idea I was behind him. I tucked in and pulled up behind him. At 30ft with a slight incline I attacked and beat him by 6/10th’s of a second with a seated sprint.

The reason for this drawn out story is it is all stuff I learned in training or on the podcast. I do not race road and was surprised that a crit tactic actually worked on the dirt. Amazing!!! Thanks to Trainer Road for giving me the tools to change my racing. Couldn’t be happier. Look at the finish times. All four of us were REALLY close and there were two “photo finishes” in the same race. The other racer who pulled the same upset on 4th place… Also a Trainer Road user… I’m just saying…

Take a look at my stats from this race. Doesn’t look like there was anything left on the table. All in Pete Morris style…


Nice work!


I’m assuming that’s the winning bike too. Care to give us the specs on the bad boy?!


2nd place looks a bit miffed. :grinning:


Good work! Super jealous you’re racing already as I’m still looking at snow!

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It’s a Santa Cruz Tallboy 2 CC. The Groupo is EagleXO1 with XTR Trail Brakes. The Wheels are Enve M50’s. Fork is a Fox 32 Stepcast Factory. Tires are Maxxis Ardent Race Front and Maxxis Aspen Rear. Race Face carbon cranks with a Stages Power Meter. The whole thing with XTR pedals is 22.5lbs. The Bike is 5 years old but still rides like a dream. When the frame goes to bike heaven I will replace it with a SC Blur. A little more slack in the front would be nice but honestly… This bike rides really well.


Yeah, I tried to talk to him and he wasn’t having it.


Second place doesn’t look near as thrilled as you do! Well done sir.


Cool, thanks for the specs! As that one infamous athlete’s book says, its not about the bike! :wink: Notch one up for TR paying off…

It’s one thing to be miffed or dare i say sore loser, but the 2nd place guy should show good sportsmanship. If he wasn’t talking, did he at least shake your hands or give a nod?

He did a dead fish hand shake at the podium but still didn’t talk. It’s OK, I am sure he thought it was in the bag. It was the last race of the series that he was leading so I am sure it was a bit of a jagged little pill. I kinda felt bad but I really wanted the win and still had a little in my legs to be able to try. The race isn’t over until you cross the line. Unless you let off the gas that is…