Did my first race back after fighting cancer! A mixed bag

Did my first race of the season, and first race back from cancer on Saturday. It was a mixed bag.

I didn’t warm up enough and, for only a 30min race I was hurting at the start. But, I went to the front and tried to sit tight in the first 10 wheels. Did this successfully for 15min or so before I completely blew up. The race splintered from the git-go. Lots of guys going off the back from almost the first lap. Lots of riders pulled. Started drifting back and found a small group I just rode in with. With all the intervals and so forth of the program (I’ve done SSB and LV Build) I thought I’d have more horsepower but, I have to factor in age and that I’m still recovering from chemo/cancer. Hell, I still have cancer.

Finished 23rd.


  • warm up a bit better.
  • be more conservative at the start of the race
  • I was really hurting between heart rates of 175-180 beats per minute. Need more exposure there.

I’m gonna blog about it more later today.

Thanks Trainer Road guys!
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Strong work Hugh. The Air Force crit is not one of my favorites out here. That course makes it very hard to move up. But, good to rip off the crit bandaid.

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Thanks! Did you race? How’d it go?

I did race @hmaceachran. Had a rough time out there. I got to the line late, was in the back row, moved up about 30 spots after the 180, sitting 10th wheel for the first few laps, but could not get any closer. I was in the red from the start as our pace was ridiculous. There were no places to move up and it was strung out from the beginning. A few friends said that course is the worst on the calendar. Now I see why. But, I still had a fun time. Yesterday’s road race was brutal. But, all in all, a nice ‘training weekend’. Will probably be at Louisville this weekend as well.

Well done @hmaceachran!! Irrespective of result, sounds like a solid training session and all part of the journey back.

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That course did suck. And it was hard too. I was in the red from the word go also. Which race did you do?

I’ll be at Louisville too. But, man, the AFA course didn’t suit me and the Louisville REALLY doesn’t suit me. Gonna go and try to surf in the field as long as possible!


Blogged about my thoughts on the first race back: ex-prosays.blogspot.com


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Congratulations @hmaceachran sounds like one hell of a ‘welcome back’ race. You mentioned your age. How old are you?

I’m 47.

Wow, a massive chapeau to you. To be coming back from chemo/cancer and to have the dedication to flog yourself at a crit is truly impressive and inspiring!

Huge win, regardless of who crossed the line first. Congratulations.

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I raced my 2nd race of the year. It went a little better. Gettin’ there slowly. I blogged about it!


So, I read this on your blog:

BlockquoteAnd, to boot, a recent CT scan I had found something suspicious on my liver that wasn’t there 4 months ago on the last scan.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.