HUGE THANKS to TrainerRoad

I wanted to take the time to Thank TR for a great training platform. At 46 yrs old and a whooping 150lbs I started training in OCT with a FTP of 142 with FTP/KG of 2.09, in March when XC season started I slacked off on training quite a bit and just now got back to it yesterday and did a Ramp test. Now I’m setting at 190 FTP and FTP/KG 2.79, with a end of year goal above 205 and FTP/KG above 3.00.

I find myself setting 2nd in points headed into the last XC race of the Spring Championship season and a win will put me in the points lead by 1 single point, the racing has been pretty tight and super fun, with great friendships forged and the memories to go along with it.

THANK YOU TR!!! For giving me the tools to improve…



Thanks so much for sharing @dlove, those are some downright impressive gains :muscle:.

Keep up the great work!

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