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Any info on a lightweight chain tool to carry on MTB endurance races?

There are a lot of different options. The EDC (everyday carry) form OneUp does it all and can all be fitted in the head tube. Take a look here (oneups website is currently down)

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I use the park tool brute. It’s a little heavier than I’d like, but I’d be wary of going smaller/lighter until I know the smaller/lighter tool can do the job.

I’ve broken/joined chains with the park tool brute, and even using this tool, it’s not exactly what I’d describe as easy.


Just wanted to thank Coach Chad for his input on VO2 Max… thought it was absolutely brilliant summary of how it all works, and gave me a much better understanding how the VO2 max sessions work, particularly around the duration of intervals and repeatability. The point about the effects of over pushing yourself in a workout and its impact on subsequent workouts rang true with me.
It was a good reminder of how talented coach Chad is… it would be great to hear more insights like this from him on the podcasts.


@Ian can i please get a link to “Chad’s Books”?

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Some older info.


thanks @mcneese.chad, Yeah I guess that 2016 post needs some updating :upside_down_face:

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All good info, though.

I expect the OP will be updated with the more recent stuff mentioned today.

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I carry this, 164 grams:


I am curious about how fast it is to get at the tools using the system. I watched their installation video a while back on a whim. I also wonder if it is compatible with a carbon steerer since it was not carbon in said video.

Lezyne makes very light multi tools, some with tire levers and co2 chuck.

@Nate_Pearson you guys jinxed me! I was listening to your podcast (via bluetooth beanie) on my ride this morning and you started talking about tubeless plugs and about 10 minutes later I noticed my tubeless rear tyre was getting flatter. I stopped to pump it up but it went down again. Ended up putting a tube in it to get home! Don’t you know it’s bad luck to say the p word?!?

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My thought is that anyone that violates the anti-doping rules set forth by any particular group should be caught whether in first or last. It should be a level playing field for everyone involved based on the governing body’s regulations. I don’t agree with all things the governing bodies do but I have faith that the intent works fairly. It’s great to see that former 400 lb person finish a grueling event but if it was dirty, it was dirty.

@Nate_Pearson brought up an interesting point about cycling renewal of an athletes membership to work around doping. First thought, stop allowing that somehow…question is how, require being in a doping pool for a longer period before their first competition after the initial membership ended? Second thing that came to mind in a strange way, Dr. Rachel McKinnon.

That’s very deep weeds into which we should not wade.

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Interesting that my A Race is based on the same premise as Chad’s “outcome-ish” goal – I got a good result w/o putting out that much power, therefore if I put out more power…

I “trained” for 3 months last season and my Nat. TT result put me in the bottom of the P/1/2 (which was were my w/Kg said I should be). I calculate if I can raise my power by 15% and lower my CdA by 10%… :1st_place_medal:

I should be able to do both with 5 more months of TR training and that goldmine Specialized podcast!


Great podcast as always fellas. I listened as I was working through the Clark workout on SSB mid volume.
Following on from the earlier talk about strength training, and then the section about rest weeks got me thinking…
Following the advice I picked up in previous podcasts about incorporating weight training with cycling, I’ve been doing the StrongLifts 5x5 workouts three times a week, usually in the evenings after completing TrainerRoad workouts in the morning. So what should I do during a rest week?

  1. drop the weight by 10% and focus on form
  2. leave the weights entirely and rest
  3. keep the weight increments going?

I cant comment on the carbon steerer, but I use the pump with the EDC inside it, and it’s no harder to pull the EDC out and get the multitool out than it would be to unzip your seat bag and dig around for it in there.

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Reduce volume but keep the weight the same. This is what people do in a “de-loading” week in weight training.

Maybe do one set of five reps and call it good.

Some people like to just reduce the weight of what they are lifting but I’d like to see a large reduction in volume. Maybe in volume and weight in a cyclists choice. I’m not really sure if there’s a “proven” way for this.

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I have used this for 3 years. SV-10 is a full multi tool including chain tool at 101 grams.


how about a plus one button, to add a series of intervals or interval along with an extended warm down.

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We do have +1, +2, and +3 versions of a lot of our workouts if you have more volume and another interval set but this could be a cool feature! I’ll post this up in our feature-request channel for review! :slight_smile:

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