Ted Lasso Discussion Thread

Ok… any Ted Lasso fans out there?

Season 3’s extended episodes are kind of dragging for me… there was real magic in the 30ish min episodes from the first two seasons. In regard to indoor trainer entertainment… Kinda went from VO2 max worthy to endurance pace.

That said, still hoping to a Coach Beard episode showing what happened on no curfew night. :joy:

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Jet finished this week’s episode, meh. The no curfew episode had me singing Bob Marley’s Three Little Birds for a week!


hoping we get back to more Believe storylines… from our couch the No Curfew was the best episode of the series - Roy and Jamie, Higgins and Will, Colin and Trent, Rebecca and the Dutch man - gezellig!, Ted and Van Gogh and triangles, the team ending up pillow fighting, and Beard’s Piggy Stardust :joy: Now thats character development! I’m done with the Keeley subplot, bring on some football, Roy f-bombs, and Gezellig man!


I haven’t felt the magic since season 1. I still watch because it’s fun but seasons 2 and 3 have never equaled the first.


I kind of agree with that. Still a great show with a ton of likeable characters though.

I thought the last Episode was the best one in quite a while. Loved the Piggy Stardust. I’ve enjoyed watching Jamie and Roy learn to respect one another. Liked seeing Rebecca wake up a bit too.

Not to go too dark, but it’s hard for me to look at Keeley this season and not worry about the actor’s personal health.

Unpopular opinion, I find Ted annoying. I only enjoy/relate with Roy.


He’s been annoying this season for sure. The whole “get over her” thing is dragging on too long. Keely has fallen in love like 5 times since Ted’s wife left him :rofl:

The character that makes me craziest is Ted’s wife though. She constantly gives him the glimmer of hope, which is just mean.

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Highlight Ted’s 'toxic positivity." She left him because she never felt like he engaged fully, substituting unrelenting positivity. He’s a prisoner to this choice, but also is an unlikely hero because of it. The overarching story arc is going to be Ted’s undoing when he won’t engage with a problem - I don’t think they have enough episodes left to accomplish this though. That would need to be season 4, which they’re not doing.

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I want to be Coach Beard in real life. I basically am…minus the sweet sports job and comfy track suits.

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when Ted gets annoying, I try and imagine what his character from We’re the Millers would say :rofl:

Interesting. I dont really ever get the annoying Ted vibe.

Completely agree the episodes/narrative of the show are a little less snappy than it was before.

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My wife occasionally yells ‘grow a pair’ at the TV. Do you get it now?

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A big part of that is episodes have gone from 30 minutes to now 45-60 min. Much of the extra time is filled with needless “character development” of side characters (i.e. we have seen more of Keeley & Jack than any of the main characters).

Time to start winning and “believing” again. Running out of episodes to resolve some of these things which is likely going to result in a rushed finale.


Interestingly, the woman who plays Jack plays a similar character on For All Mankind

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I love the show and have been enjoying season 3.

I never thought I would say this but I have been enjoying Nate’s arc this season. Makes me root for the guy again.


I don’t mind the character development but it would be better if it were players and if it revolved around Ted making them believe and getting the best out of them like he did with Roy and Jaime and Nate in the past. Ted got nothing out of Zaza and then he exited stage left. Weird, dumb story arc there.

Here’s my prediction. The video leak is going to bite Nate in the arse. His leaving and trashing the locker room and tearing the believe sign will become public.

It’s also hard to believe that Jack would have given a crap about Keeley’s video, at least not enough to make her post a fake apology.

He came back as Piggy Stardust. We don’t need to know more than that. :slight_smile:


“Horticulture, baby!”


Agreed. Too many subplots to wrap up everything for the final season of the show. There’s four episodes left and it seems like they are trying to cram in:

  1. Ted getting over his ex
  2. Nate redeeming himself with Ted and ditching Rupert
  3. Keeley getting back with either Roy or Jamie
  4. Rebecca and Sam getting back together
  5. The gay player coming out and the team accepting him
  6. (maybe) Sam and his political involvement/ stay or leave the country
  7. Ted’s fourth thing
  8. Trent’s book
  9. Oh yeah, and they should probably play some fucking football

There’s probably something I missed because there’s a hundred threads they’re trying to weave.

If the last four episodes are ~90 minutes, they can probably pull it off, but that doesn’t mean it will feel natural or be satisfactory. There’s likely to be some rapid changes of character that don’t feel earned.

I’m cautiously optimistic that some of it will be done well and some of it rushed or left for the viewer to make their own conclusions.