Revisiting "Beers w/ Chad - Nate edition"

I really miss “Beers w/ Chad.” Here’s what I want - a follow up to the “Beers w/ Chad - Nate edition” The previous one was probably the best entertainment I watched through the entire Covid lockdown. I laughed so hard. For the follow up I’m not talking a zoom meeting, but an in-person meeting w/ Nate/Chad facing each other sitting at a table. Nate will of course drink way too much (like he did last time) because 1). - he’s competitive and wants to drink more than Chad, and 2). - he does everything to the extreme - just one of the reasons we love him so much. After polishing off a bottle of wine Nate will challenge a sober Chad to a push up contest, where Chad will beat him. Nate will then drink more wine, thinking this will make a difference w/ the pushups, and the episode will eventually end with Nate/Chad hugging it out - and a drunk crying Nate saying “I love you Chad!” before he throws up. Thoughts?

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  • Never gunna happen…

Well, I can think of one obvious reason why this won’t happen… :crazy_face:

ETA - damn it…Chad beat me to it. :rofl:


:crazy_face: I thought the was the entire point of this fantasy edition of Beers w/Chad & Nate… have it be the redemption edition.

It’s a fantasy of mine - a resolution of sorts to help me deal w/ the grief of losing Chad. :disappointed_relieved:

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I definitely understood where you were coming from!

We both got it too, but reality & pragmatism tend to beat out fantasy & wish lists.


So did Chad get fired? HR finally had enough? I want some deets!

I know, we all miss the deep dive specificity of Chad’s input, he was the backbone of the believable detail. I understand it’s an internal TR matter though.

No, we “all” don’t….some of us found them incredibly boring. :man_shrugging:


Ditto, I was only interested in the takeaways.

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He meant you lol

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:100: % truth

Pot meet kettle.



That said, I don’t pretend to be amiable.