Is Coach Chad ok? Theory

Mods, please remove if needed.

Caveat: I know, I know, “he’s moving”

But, and hear me out, maybe it is worse than that. It feels like 5 months or more without coach chad on the podcast. To move and set up a mic and webcam isn’t THAT difficult, even if he needs to rent a space to accommodate his SO.

So, I think something major happened. Something bad enough for him to miss podcasting, but not so bad that it isn’t announced on the show (or completely awful that out of respect it isn’t announced).

My money is on witness protection program. Any other ideas?

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Hope he is OK


They said something recently about him taking time away from work. Sounded like he might have just been too stressed as well as moving.

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In the bunker building some Hurtin’ Bombs

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Any reason he has to be away is his and totally appropriate no matter what it is, because it is his life. Personally, I think speculation is unnecessary, unhelpful and I urge respect over pointless guessing.

I don’t see it as any of our business one way or the other, and think proper respect would be to leave it alone until he or someone from TR chooses to share more, if they ever do.


Come on folks. It’s easy. He’s hooked up to the TR AI machine. If he goes on the podcasts, Adaptive training shuts down!

Coach Chad running Adaptive Training


Meant to get this picture in


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Chad is fine and we miss him, but like all of us, he has a busy and demanding life outside of work and occasionally needs some time away.

From a ‘moderator’ perspective, this doesn’t fall in the category of ‘not being excellent to each other’, but it doesn’t help our athletes get faster (or help Chad) to have a public gossip thread lol. Kinda not the constructive or positive narrative or climate we want to foster here so I’m gonna go ahead and close this thread.