Team analysis features

Is there a simple way to get to a team members career pages without having to navigate to it through the address bar?
-Personal records
-past rides outside of Trainerroad
(we have all made our Career & Workouts ‘Public’

We would like to analyze our members past history, but we can’t get there through our team page.

Hey there!

From the[Team Name]/members page, you can get to each member’s Career page.


Then, from the Career page, you can click on “View All Rides” to get to their past rides page:[Username]/rides

To see just their past rides outside of TrainerRoad, use the dropdown and select “Other”

Unfortunately, the Personal Records chart isn’t very easy to access if you’re not logged in as the user whose data you’re trying to see. You can get to it by pasting[Username]/personal-records into the address bar. The PR chart for the user will not be viewable if they have their Career set to private, but it doesn’t look like you’ll have this issue.

I hope this helps!


We’re having an issue where the ‘Other’ Category of rides is not viewable and we aren’t sure why

You’re right, sorry for my mistake! I just checked with the Web team and there’s no way to see other users’ outside rides without being logged in as a TR admin, which is why I didn’t catch that.

I’ve brought this up for improvement, since a user’s most recent outside ride is viewable from their Career under “Latest Ride,” but the Past Rides page doesn’t show any outdoor rides under “All Rides” or “Other.” It’s a little bit strange functionality-wise, and we’re going to revisit this.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a better solution for you at the moment!

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No problem.

Looking forward to any improvements to the teams that you can provide!
We would love to be able to overlay Personal records for other riders within the team as well

I am having a problem where I can not view team members rides as they say they are private but the only way to make the rides not private is to make the public which we also don’t want. DO any of you know a way around this?

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The only way to access ride information from a “private” account is to log into that account.

It’s all or nothing, unfortunately.

Thanks. I was hoping there was a way that it would at least be visible within the team. Future feature request :slight_smile:

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