See others workouts

I know this has been mentioned elsewhere/before but I just can’t find out how to do what I’m trying to do.
Say I have a workout tomorrow, Mary Austin for example, I wanted to look at how others have got on with it assuming that their workouts are public and not set to private.
My own workouts are set to private in my profile but when I go to Career/Past rides and click all rides with the workout in question in the search box all I ever get is workouts I have done myself not other people. I have tried making my own workouts public to see if that helped in letting me see others but no difference. This is using the web site bot an app. Is it possible?

To see other people’s past rides of Mary Austin you want to go to that workout’s page, scroll to the bottom where the workout variations are, and then click on “All Rides” (I’m going off memory so that label might be different).


mwglow15 Thanks!!! Got it now :blush: it is there as all rides next to workout variations.

Couldn’t see it for looking

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