"My Rides" of a specific workout don't show outdoor rides associated with that workout

When looking at a workout’s page, it has a “My Rides” section at the bottom. It’s meant to show your historical rides doing that workout. However, it only shows rides where the user did the workout indoors. I do most of my structured training outside; this makes it so I don’t have much ability to see my history doing specific workouts.

Is this something that the team can fix? Alternatively, is this “a feature, not a bug” :wink:?


Hey @pstaudt!
This is not a bug, but it looks like it is something we have plans to improve! Thanks for the nudge! I will let the team know you want this :blush: .


Thanks, @SarahLaverty!

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Also interested as I just noticed the same thing beginning a plan (outdoors) this week.