Public / Private / Team Private Feature Request

Hi TR,

Request to add feature: make Team Private available, i.e. team members can see team workouts without other members seeing team workouts. Many thanks!


Yes, as a team member or team administrator, one can only see workouts in the ride feed from members whose rides are “globally” public. I’d prefer be able to make my ride data public to other team members or to nobody at all. As it is, we have to look on cough Strava to see each others’ activities, where team or “club” activity also leaves much to be desired. Self-coached athletes in a team should be able to self-manage their workout sharing in the absence of a coach administering it all.


This something I’m missing as well. Currently me and all the team members have set their rides private so your Team rides data is empty.
It’s odd that you can’t set the privacy for “public for team members”.
@Nate_Pearson Is this something that you are planning to implement?

Yes, we used to do this but it was really hard on our database. We plan on a full team overhaul but that’s still a ways out. When we do that we’ll fix it so you can see your team member’s rides.


A nice feature that would enhance Teams would be to have the ability to chat among members. Every day I check out what workout my Team Members completed. If I want to comment or inquire on a workout, I need to text them or call them and only if have their phone number.

Have you tried using the Forum in the Team section?

That is not directly linked to any workout, but is accessible to all team members. You can also “Follow” the team forum, and should be notified of new threads and comments (but I have not confirmed this function personally).

Found this thread a year later. Any progress on making team members (or at least team admins) able to view the results of their teammate’s rides? Should we be sharing this info in another way?

No :sob:.

After our new mobile app comes out a team is going to work to rebuild teams from the ground up.

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+1 to the request to open members files to other team members but not to others.


+1 on ability to have granularity in privacy settings. ie. hidden from public but viewable with other team members.

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To expand, granular privacy would be nice. For instance I’m fine with my team seeing my workouts but I’d prefer to keep my ride notes/comments private.

Big plus one on this request as well!

I guess this still hasn’t happened?

It’s a shame as me & my team are not keen on making all our data public, and the teams feature seems to have lots less value without the ability to see other’s rides