PSA: Verify your privacy settings

Hey fellow TR users. Just wanted to be sure everyone is aware that if you link (import) your Strava / Garmin Connect data into TrainerRoad and your career is set to public then ANYONE can see your start/finish location regardless of your configured privacy zones in Strava. In this Facebook world most probably won’t care, but at some point you might, as it would be very easy to track someone down by Strava / TR profile then find their home, business, or usual stops.

TL;DR… set everything to private, including Strava, TR, and Garmin Connect.


Is there a way to share the results of a trainer road workout to one person without having a public profile? I work away and my wife is trying out trainer road and would like me to be able to look at the analysis of her rides.

Thanks for the tip!

Are you sure about this - I’ve just been and checked my last couple of rides, and the bubble defined around my house is maintained when it the ride gets pulled into Trainer Road (I remember seeing it originally because imported rides are slightly shorter and I dug into what was going on).

Updated: My setup does the following:

Garmin Connect -> Strava -> Trainer Road

I don’t have a connection from Garmin directly to Trainer Road (and garmin connect is set to only show things to me) so I wonder if it’s a Garmin issue rather than a strava issue ?

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I have created the team yet still can’t see her rides. It says her profile is set to private. Is there a way to have a private public profile yet have it public for just the team?


You should see future rides come through. You won’t be able to look at the career page if it’s set to private.

Honestly, for your needs, the best thing is to use her login info and login as her. It will give you the best access and control.

So who can see my profile if I set it to public and what data can they see?

Anyone who has an active TrainerRoad account login, can see any and all activities of any “public” user account.

It’s all or nothing, essentially.

How do you browse/ see public useres on TR? is there a feed like Strava?

There is no dedicated “browse” function that is all ranging.

You can randomly find people who are public by looking into any ride/workout and see the “All Rides” tab at the bottom.

You can also join any of the open Teams and see a feed within there.

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You can create a “fog” around your home and work in Strava. This will ensure that your home\work address isn’t revealed.

Nope, that doesn’t work. As of now, one’s rides are globally public and everyone can see them or globally private and nobody can see them.
User Flomaster here on the forum posted a feature request last week that individual members be somehow capable of allowing their team(s) members to see the ride data.