Target training focus

How does TR choose train now for you? Is it always to get balanced training? If I would like to train to increase FTP,is there some settings for this?

Pulled from the official TR support doc below:

TrainNow uses our Adaptive Training system to suggest workouts based on your recent training history so that you can quickly select a workout that matches the duration and workout type you’d like to do.

TrainNow is the perfect tool when you’re not following a training plan, or you’re looking for a workout to fill a day you planned to take off. TrainNow suggests Endurance, Climbing, and Attacking workouts at your desired duration.

  • Depends on what you mean by “balanced”, but it is not as targeted or directed as I think you are considering.
  • No, there’s no settings to direct it like this.

In short, TrainNow offers 3 initial workouts, within 3 distinct training areas and then “Recommends” one of those. It does this based upon your most recent training history. There is no long range goal or direction that it offers.

Any particular direction or preference within TrainNow must be set by you via selection between those 3 options given (1 TR see’s as a preference with respect to recent strain).

If you want real direction and progression over time, to include things like recovery weeks, a training plan (manual or via Plan Builder) is your best option over TrainNow.


I bet if you selected your “A” event as a 40k TT 9 months from now, that would give you the best plan to increase your FTP.

I’m guessing, but that seems reasonable.