Target Power data field missing after latest Garmin update

I am having the same exact problem on my Garmin 1030 after the last update. Target Power now blank. In reading this thread it seems there is some confusion on what we are complaining about, including the folks from TrainerRoad. TrainerRoad provides specific instruction on how to set-up a custom Garmin screen, in their words, “that most closely relates to doing a workout on TrainerRoad.” Those instructions are here:

It is the very “Target Power” that TrainerRoad tells us to use that is no longer functioning going on three weeks. It is not the 3s or instantaneous power that Ivy is suggesting an alternate to. I suggest TrainerRoad read their own article and see if the Target Power you tell us to use works on the latest Garmin firmware. The 3s power works fine. It is not an issue that we don’t know how to properly set-up a custom screen because the custom screen was working fine until the update. I called TrainerRoads weeks ago to report the problem and gave a link to the Garmin forum where other TrainerRoad users are complaining.

Clearly based on the number of users here and many in Garmin forum there is a problem. Whoever “tested” it there obviously is confused since its not instantaneous power that you tell us to use, it the target power we need to try to achieve and which is provided by your workout files. The target data in your workout file is no longer being displayed by Garmin. It’s broken.

Not having this data field working is makes using outdoor TrainerRoad workouts very difficult to follow, especially if you are doing a lot of intervals because without the Target you have no idea what interval you may be in and have to keep swiping back to the Garmin Workout Screen to get the target interval power then swipe back to TrainerRoad custom screen which contains other essential info not shown on Garmin’s Workout screen like 3s power and heart rate.

Therefore it is recommend you reread your article and have someone retest the Target Power field given there to see if it works on the latest firmware. If there is another field we are supposed to use to get the Target Power or a work around please post here and update the instructions at the link above.

Thank you!


Well summarised @Jetstream FYI @IvyAudrain

@Nate_Pearson Any word on a real fix for this? @Jetstream has a really clear writeup on it, and it makes outdoor workouts basically a non option for vO2Max stuff. The garmin workout screen is fine-ish for sweetspot stuff when you head is clear enough to deal with the range but for 20 second intervals we really need an exact number on the screen. I dont know about most people, but I cant do math 10 intervals in to a workout to figure out what my actual target is.

We dont have much warm weather left here so it would be great to be able to stay outside a few more weeks.


Further update on 530 software from 6.0 to 6.20 with no mention of a fix in the release notes

Hey Everyone (sorry, long post incoming),

For all newer 30 models, we now recommend athletes use the “Target” data field that’s nested in the “Workouts” data field category. This is in lieu of what we recommended before Garmin’s recent update (the “Target Power” field nested in the “Indoor Training” data field category).

With the new “Target” data field:

  • You’ll see a power target range instead of a specific power target number
  • You’ll also see your average power for the current interval

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 2.41.34 PM

Like many of you on 30 models have noted, you’ll no longer see a single power target anymore.

(From what I’ve tested on my 520, the “Target Power” field works like it did before (shows a single power target) and is still what we recommend for older models.)

The pain point some of us may have with the new data field is we’ll always see a power target range instead of a specific number.

Here are a couple examples of how this’ll work now:

  • For workouts where we prescribe a set wattage (like Carson), Garmin automatically makes this range +/- 10w (e.g. the interval in the screenshot above is prescribed at 255 by TR — Garmin shows 245-265 as the range you’re shooting for).
  • For workouts where we prescribe a range (like Geiger), Garmin uses the exact range we send them (the previous “Target Power” field was the midpoint of that range).

It’s essentially the reverse of what we had before.

To double check your interval structure for the day, open the TrainerRoad app or login to to see whether you should be shooting for a range in your interval or to take a specific midpoint of the range that you’ll see on your garmin.

I’m sorry for the confusion that this has led to! Our article on the custom screen had a few areas that weren’t updated clearly.

Let me know if this helps and if I can explain anything else with these new changes.


I agree with @Jetstream’s excellent post. I use the target power field to know where I should be in a workout. For 2x20 @ sweetspot workout, that’s pretty easy. But when I’m the third set in to an over-and-under workout, it’s easy to lose track to lose track of where I should be for that step.

The graphical representation of the workout “shape” is useful, but it’s no substitute for knowing the subtle shifts in target power for some workouts.


Since my last post a few hours ago, I have done an outside workout with the new “Target” field, as per your instructions.

It worked great, and it actually saves a datafield (combining the target and lap power), allowing a less cluttered display. Thanks for posting this.


I also have to say, being new to outdoor workouts, I never actually used the old “target power” field, but I can totally see why that is preferred. With that being said, after 2 weeks of using the new “target” field, I’ve grown to get used to it, and it really doesn’t bother me. The range on my work intervals is 20 watts, so it’s pretty easy to just shoot for the middle. And it also gives you options, if I’m not feeling great and I’m barely getting by, I can just shoot for the middle, if I’m feeling good, then I just shoot for the number at the high end of the range. So if it’s a 290-310w range, I’ll just shoot for 310 if I’m feeling good.

Once I get my average watts where I want it for the interval, I just match my 3s power to my average watts for the interval, and the average watts becomes my “target power”.

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@mcalista, @chavis0304,

Stoked to hear the field is working well!

Thank you @Nick for the great write-up explaining the new data fields. This should alleviate the issue of knowing what lap we’re in (rest or power interval) and the target power. For Outdoor workouts I find it impossible to hold a single target number, so whether the underlying workout dictates a specific number or a range seems academic. With the old number target I always tried to keep it on the high side of the ±10 watt interval shown on the Garmin workout screen. I suspect most of us shoot for a range as 3s power, even on the flats, varies with wind, passing vehicles etc… and it’s futile trying to go to a solitary power number. In short this is a great solution and a range is great for Outdoor Workouts.


there is a new firmware that just came out. I am going to see if this issue is fixed on the new firmware

It’s not really a Garmin Firmware “bug”.

Read @nick’s post at Target Power data field missing after latest Garmin update above for the appropriate setup for Garmin’s x30 units.

You say it’s not a bug but a data field that still exists when used with the exact same workouts now displays nothing. Yes there’s a workaround but it now requires a double data field as the text is too long to see the goal in a single field. Different strokes for different folks but the previous setup worked far better for me.

I’ll second that!

did more testing. the target field works if you are using an indoor trainer. it seems to me Garmin re-purposed that field for indoor trainer. so I think it 's a garmin issue

If you’ve got a newer XX30 device this app seems to do the trick if you want a single Target Power number, not a range.

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