Target Power data field missing after latest Garmin update

Since updating my edge 530 to version 6.0 my target power data field when doing an outside workout displays __w even though on the Garmin workout screen there are target powers associated with the workout. I understand that the target power is just the middle number in the power target range but my OCD likes to keep my power as close to this single number as possible. Not sure whether this issue is a Garmin one or a TrainerRoad one but would love some sort of work around until it’s fixed. Any ideas?


I’m betting is a Garmin big, it still works on my 1030 after the most recent 10.00 update

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A couple of thoughts. First one over on the other thread:

Now keep in my mind I am a numbers guy with an engineering degree and two classes away from a dual degree in math. It’s hard to get more OCD about numbers.

Power on the bike while riding outside is not smooth, and its not reasonable to hit a single power target. Coggan came up with power zones (or levels in his words) to approximate what is going on in your body. They aren’t exact, are can vary day by day.

So if you really want to be OCD then run screaming from anyone or any workout display that makes you think hitting a precise power target is inherently better than hitting a range. I’m totally serious.


The same thing happened to me on my edge 1030 with that update. I was also using the target power on my workouts. Hoping this gets corrected.

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Me too 1030 target power is not working.

Was a really useful field a nice reminder what you should be working at and also helps in the event of missing the swap between intervals.

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I’ve got a 530 and this is my custom workout screen for doing sprint focused work:

Custom Interval Workout Page

FWIW I find the red/yellow/green slide in Workout > Target to be a far better field to use, as its much easier to glance down and make micro adjustments to cadence/torque and keep the arrow in the green zone. I believe the center of the green zone is TR’s target power, but haven’t confirmed that.


I didn’t realize the slide showed up outside the “workout screen”. Is it one of the mysterious ones that shows more things as you give it a bigger box? I miss stuff like that all the time because I don’t normally use the large sized fields on custom screens.


yes, more info here:

I don’t use small boxes, so that post doesn’t show Workout > Target field in a small box.


Missing the point, Target Power worked before the update, now it doesn’t.

Would be nice if Garmin got their finger out and sorted it.

I would like just a number for target power to look at.


report to Garmin!

While I don’t find the other target field to be useful outside, I understand others might prefer only seeing an exact number. Just wanted people to be aware that you have options, and I’ve found the target range option to be better for more closely following a target power outside.

Have a great day!

I have, and i know the range feature, its on the workout screen as standard. But is a total waste of time when on the road and i would rather take one look at my target then keep an eye on my 3s or 10s power during the interval. Just need a reminder of the target power, especially if doing lots of intervals, easy to forget what the target is.
Have a nice day.

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Choice is good :slightly_smiling_face: a single target number on the road has not worked well for me.

Anyone have any updates on this? I have the same issue.

I’m also missing the “target power” in my custom workout field.
Prior to the update it worked perfectly.

If you haven’t already discovered tap on the target screen on your garmin and then go to workouts and tap on the target power section and it should reenter it on your page. It will work then.

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It looks like in typical Garmin fashion this update broke much more than it fixed. Training Load, Status, Effect, Recovery and VO2max don’t seem to update correctly any more.

My last outdoor workout had an extra ghost interval tacked after the cool down. Skipping it made the unit crash and reboot. Sigh!

No it won’t. That’s not what we are talking about.

Funny you say that, my 1030 has frozen twice now when starting a workout and iv had to do a reset since the latest update.

At times I think Garmin are getting worse. New Karoo 2 looks nice. I’m really tempted to move across to that.

me and my training buddy also miss this field. it really sucks now. please send me the link where you complained to Garmin as i want to complain as well

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I just chatted with a girl from the German customer support team. She didn´t know what was going on (was nice though) and forwarded the issue to a development team.
In addition to the missing target numbers I had a workout displayed incorrectly today. At the end it was supposed to show me the cool down part as a much lower graph than the VO2 interval. Instead it was rather in the sweet spot area. Anyone had that as well yet?

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