Beta Garmin 5.68 (now 6.0) for 530/830 has just what outdoor workouts needed

Looks like the new beta version (5.68) for the latest 530/830 garmin edge has the ability to move back and forward through the workout! You have to be in the garmin workout page to get the options but its really nice to know it’s there if traffic etc. disrupts your interval.
Also lots of other updates including a gps firmware update. There is an option to revert back to the latest released version if you experience any bugs but so far it seems to work well.


Great news indeed! Do you know if the update brings also autopause during the workout?

The menu position „Pause Step” on you screen gives hope for this long awaited feature.

Doesnt look like auto pause is there but having the ability to either pause and or go back a step should help fix a missed interval.

… and now it looks to be non-beta in 6.00 -

Oddly now showing on the formal firmware pages - maybe they push them there once fully rolled out?

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This is seems to be in version 10 for the 1030

1030 release notes

How do you bring this up? Do you just swipe down from the top of the screen?

Thanks - i still have a dream they will finally add this autopause.

Once they acknowledged there could be traffic during an outside workout (!) we could be closer to this feature now.

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Haven’t ever done an update for my 530 this way. Once I download the zip file it unzipped to a GCD file. Do I drop it somewhere on to my 530? NewFiles?

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The update file goes in the Garmin folder, not any subfolders.

Then disconnect from your computer, and it’ll ask to update.

That was easy. Thanks

Not the success I was hoping for! Pause workout worked but now I have no Target power data field! Just __w displayed!

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did you look for an un-pause?

“Pause step” becomes “Resume step” . No need to make any other selections

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scroll down from “pause step” selection and you have “Workout step notes”. Gives you details of current and next step targets

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probably won’t use it much, if at all, but sure does make the 830 look more interesting versus my 530…

I had got used to seeing my 3sec power and target power next to each other which was especially useful on workouts that had multiple steps at different powers. Might just have to use garmin workout screen now as this has the target power range.

A little confused here. With an outside workout step paused you can still get current power displayed and the target power for that step also displayed

I never managed to get target power to display from the start of the workout.

I had the same problem today with no target power number on the TR recommended screen on my 830. I don’t know if this is a bug from Garmin or a new “feature” where TR is going to have to change something to get Garmin working again. If anyone has answer to fix things back to usual would be quite happy.


Was this throughout the workout or just when you pause within a step?

It was throughout the workout. Never had a target power number. Now if I use the default garmin screen it showed the ranges and everything seemed fine. It’s that single point target number that was missing.