Tapering … I just want to get on with it!

The A-event is now less than 2 weeks away and my TR plan is into the taper, only three hard(ish) workouts and a whole bunch of short, easy rides between now and the start line.

After months of building, challenging workout after challenging workout, I can’t be the only one who either a) wants to substitute the easy workouts for hard ones, or b) just want stand on the start line NOW?!

It’s messing with my head!! :crazy_face:


My A event is Saturday and whilst TR has a short Endurance workout (Dans) its also got to Threshold sessions that it labels as a Stretch (2x Lone Pine -2). I think I’ll take the first one outside tonight which will probably see it fall to a tempo session and I’ll probably do similar with the second or skip it.

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Sounds like a “Taper Tantrum”.


These are signs that you are doing it right… :crazy_face:


trust the plan.


That’s an interesting article!

Drop the volume, and maintain the intensity and you’ll be fit and fresh for your event. Don’t fret, the taper is good for you, you don’t want to carry all the fatigue of your training into the event.


Tapering is my favorite thing ever! Shedding the fatigue and feeling super fresh with all that fitness from a full season of training… Just enjoy it and have fun at your goal event!

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2 weeks is a “Normal” taper, but there are some interesting papers and discussions (Like Road to Gold on nordic skiiers) that shows that the most elite athletes don’t taper as much as the theoretical recommendations out there.

Also, a bit less taper if you are getting ready for a longer event, like a gran fondo, road race, or gravel event. You’ll feel stale if you totally cut all volume for 2 weeks.

Good luck with the event!



I’m now very chilled…that may be a problem in and of itself! :rofl:

It’s working.

That’s a fantastic sign. Trust the process and you’ll be RIPPING.

I’ve had a few “misses” with tapers, but when you get that raring to go feeling. Watch out!

Good luck.

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My A race for the XC season is coming up this Sunday (also race road and gravel but chose this XC race and a road race in late September as As), I’m low volume so all that stands between me and the race now is Recess -5… lol

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Well, I achieve the ‘A’ event goal, Everesting Hirnant Pass, near Bala, Wales with @TractorBiker.

The bu66er is that know have acute tendonitis in my left Achilles! Been off the bike for a week, and will be off all next - physio / ice / stretch / ibuprofen - but we are already planning the next one!

W’hey, the only way is up (and down, and repeat :crazy_face: )