14 days out from race

So 14 days till race and i think tr thinks i need a rest. Did “Highland” Outdoor and my endurance jumped from 3.2 to 8.4. This is because AT doesnt recognize some of my outside endurance work (should never have been 3.2). Next 7 days seems too easy and i feel i should go hard before the taper. Any thoughts

It really depends on the load/cycle over the last three months and the race(s) you are planning to do

Don’t know what your race is, but I would listen to your body vs. a program that doesn’t recognize all the work you have done. It is working with incomplete information.


I guess it comes down to the taper, 4hr race with 2000m climbing, never done a 2 wk taper.

It all went well, won vet2 so trust TR :grin: