My first taper week - input needed

Hi all,

Been using TR for a couple of years now, but this is my first time doing a taper week, in preparation for my 7hr MTB race this Saturday.

Would you mind taking a look at the screenshot below and telling me if today’s (Wednesday’s) workout looks correct? Yesterday’s was clearly a taper style workout but today’s looks particularly intense (and equally as intense as a normal Wednesday session).

I didn’t think B races got a full taper.

As far as I remember, you choose whether to taper or not when building your plan.

Seems strange to have 2 workouts that look suitable for a taper week and 1 that doesnt.

Ive reached out to Support but if i dont hear back in time then i’ll see about doing a -1 or -2 version or equivalent

I always thought on the podcast they said B-races just replace a workout in your plan whereas A races get a taper.


That matches with my memory. You can add openers to A & B races (same switch), but B races do not get a taper.


Another possibility - if you set up a plan, then move or change a workout (i.e. move your Tue workout to Wednesday), and then later update your plan, it will leave the modified workouts where they were while still adding the workouts the plan thinks you need. Is it possible, the harder workout is one you moved or modified from a previous plan?

That’s the one, thanks Chad.


Support were very quick to reply and fix it for me. I’m now doing Bald Knob apparently. Quite the change in intensity!!

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Good deal. The wording in the “B Races” note I snipped “These events might not require a taper…” is funny to me and open ended. Not sure if the typical approach by PB will be to add a mini-taper or just drop workouts like it does for C Races?

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Maybe its a mixture of the 2 as i seem to be experiencing. I.e. 1 of my 3 workouts is now a z1/z2 recovery ride

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