Is a Taper built into Triathlon Plans

I’m trying to put my race schedule and training plans together. This is my first go at using TrainerRoad. (so far it’s awesome). I have a 70.3 (A race) in mid Sept, an Olympic (B race) mid July and I’ll work in some sprints in June for fun and to practice.

I’m working on SSB1 Low Volume right now and will get part way through SSB2 before starting the Half Plan.

My question is around tapering as well as rest weeks. Does the Triathlon plan take into account a taper? Of course it needs to be personalized a bit for how you best taper but would I drop the plans in so it ends the week of my A race or do I leave in a week (or 2) of taper?

For a B race, should I drop a taper week in or would I leave it as is and just cut back on the training a bit the week before if needed? Maybe same for a recovery after? I’m just a little concerned that doing that will cut out some important workouts since I’ll be in the specialty phase at that point.

The alternative would be to skip SSB (or cut it way back) to stick weeks for taper, recovery, rest weeks…

Thanks in advance


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There are taper weeks built in to the plans for the A race goal if if you look in the weeks tips there are suggestions where a warm up or less important race could be placed.

Obviously these may or may not fit in exactly with the races you’ve got planned but by moving a couple of weeks around or adding a taper week depending on the time you have available you should be able to make these work well for your races.


Hey Thanks.

Sorry but new to TR. Where are the “weeks tips” found? Do you meant the notes that are on some/most of the workouts?


If you look at the plans they are under the Week, hours and TSS designation on the left. It’ll give you advice only how the week should play out and the workout goals.


And on the mobile app in Plans tap the i with a circle around it


Ah. I see now! I was in the calendar in the Mac TR app which I don’t think shows this. So you have to go out of your calendar to view the plans and then read the tips. True that they’re not in the calendar, right?

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Tips are within the calendar item in the description but I think they’re out of sync with the plans at the moment (at least in my experience on full distance mid volume Base)

Id just replace your weekend training with the B race. You can put your B race into the calender, get a TSS estimate and then modify your sessions leading into the race to keep your weekly TSS on track

Every day’s a school day :grinning::+1:

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Another one I missed in the past is the i when you’re browsing the list of plans, which tells you what kind of benefits to expect from the plan:


If I recall correctly, the half plan allows for an Olympic race at the end of Build week 8, and probably a Sprint in Build Week 4 or end of Base Week 8.

When does your B race land in the plan?

@JoeX you are correct. I just finished HIM Build MV and a Sprint race is planned on sunday. What I don’t get is how you are supposed to start the speciality phase the next Tuesday… Am I missing something ?

The sprint shouldn’t take more than a day to recover from, and week 1 of Speciality starts out a little easier with just the ramp test.

Tx @JoeX. I might just be the kind of guy who needs some extra recovery. Going deep into a ramp test 1 day after a race is tough for me.

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