Taper Week for FTP Test

What are your thoughts for taper week instead of rest week for FTP testbefore Beginning of new plan?

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A couple clarifications. The final week of a block is an “active recovery” week, not a rest week And, you aren’t doing it to “rest” for the FTP test. Whether you test or not is irrelevant and you don’t need to be fully recovered to do a ramp test. I think people generally agree that you should do what you like during that week. I personally feel like you should reduce your TSS whether you follow the plan or not, but some keep on trucking. I’m not sure what you mean exactly by a tapering week, but I would imagine it would be fine, but the FTP isn’t something you need to taper for.


Related podcast info:

  • Why you don’t need openers for the Ramp Test

  • All that is to say, it might not be needed or useful. They say not to “game” the test.

  • In any event, they recommend consistency, just like their stance on if you choose to add a warm up prior to the Ramp.

I had some related thoughts.


My thoughts are: No.

You want to test in such a way that you’ll be able to do the work associated with that FTP. If you taper, then by the third week of your plan you’re dialing down every workout by 5%, the point of testing is missed.

You probably shouldn’t do anything different going into an FTP test than you would going into a normal difficult workout.


In terms of outcomes (training zones), i’d much prefer to do the test a little tired rather than a little too fresh. Adjusting the intensity up hurts less


thank you so much for the feedbacks

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