Taking Action Based on Sweat Rate

I saw that the new podcast has a segment about determining your sweat rate.

My question is: Once I discover my sweat rate, or approximate sweat rate, what action do I take base on it? Drink more water? More electrolytes? More jelly beans?

Hi Todd,

  1. Here is a good article from TrainingPeaks on this subject: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/optimize-recovery-hydrating-properly/

  2. Hydration is personal. Studies have shown that most elite level athletes finish their events with a moderate amount of dehydration. You will note in the TP article, one of the keys is to begin races and training sessions in a “topped off” state. Once the race or the training session starts, it is pretty much impossible to “catch up.”

  3. Knowing your sweat rate will allow you to create a personal plan for managing your fluid loss and for electrolyte replacement. Here is another article from TP written by the folks at Precision Hydration which speaks about the personal nature of our hydration plans. This is mentioned towards the end of the article: https://www.trainingpeaks.com/blog/drink-water-thirst-hydration-endurance/

  4. Lastly, consider these three areas when designing your plan: water, electrolytes and fuel. I recommend having a plan for each of these areas.

Good question :grin:

Be Well and Ride On!