Tacx vortex power lead

hi, does anyone here use a tacx vortex smart? if so i just wanted to know if it can be used with any power cable that fits? ive lost my origional and it dont seem to turn on with any others ive tried with. Hasnt been used for a few months and now not sure if the unit is broken

Yeah pretty sure it’s just a standard figure of 8 type end on it. I’m in the UK btw, could be different elsewhere I guess.

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This. Its just a leadm there’s no transformer element to it as far as i know.

yeah just a standard 8 figure type lead with no transformer! should just work with most then.
Thanks for your replies guys, looks like my unit is faulty then

hopefully tacx will help you out. i got the whole ‘roller’ unit from them, out of warranty. i just had to unscrew a total of 4 screws, and clip in 2 mini harness and voila. Back to having a pretty silent-ish trainer