Tacx Flux Smart Trainer Questions

I have a chance to possibly get this trainer for 300 or so, brand new. I’m unsure whether to go for it or hold off. I’ve read some disparaging comments about issues with it. This one is from 2018, and I don’t know if it’s clear of the issues or not. Anybody using a Flux Smart Trainer with success and would recommend it?

I’m a bit confused with all the different names. I used to have a Tacx Flux, I did some quick research and it’s seems to me I had a Tacx Flux T2900 which could be the Smart version. I had to return this (bought in 2017) and I remember it was said that almost all of them broke within a year more or less. I now have a Tacx Flux S that I have been using a lot over the past 10 months which is working well. I have confidence in the brand Tacx but the first generation of the Flux, not at all.

What currency are we talking about? Will you have any warranty whatsoever?

I have always used TACX trainers. They are by no means the best Smart Trainer but for £300, brand new, it’s not a bad deal.

Check which axel you need for your bike. The standard/supplied axel with older models doesn’t work with through axel frames. You’ll have to purchase that. If you’re using a QR frame with disc brakes, make sure that the non-drive side adapter is supplied. You’ll need the extra width to mount the frame.

My only concern would be the longevity of the unit. ALL of my TACX trainers have failed. They’ve failed just inside of the warranty period. I’ve been able to get a replacement unit from Garmin/TACX at little or no cost to myself. I’m going to assume this is out of warranty. Are you able to get the original purchase receipt? That might help a warranty claim, should it fail.

All of that said, they are easy to set up and mine have all worked perfectly with TR.

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Had the same one for around 10 months then the belt start to make some a awful noises TACX swap It for free then it happen again but this time the belt broke. I got a free upgrade

It ok but I am glad I had the receipt and was able to return it

I have a tacx flux, they are unreliable but the faults are usually traced back to the belt. Im on my third flux (previous two replaced under warranty) and when the belt failed on this one I just bought a new belt from eBay rather than take it back again. It’s an easy swap and is now working well.

Depending on model it will only work with 130/135mm qr hubs and a long cage mech might hit the feet when shifting into bigger gears

Edit: when it’s working it is a perfectly fine trainer, connects to TR ok and gives stable fairly accurate power. It reads close to my 4iiii pm at lower wattages but is about 10 W lower at higher ranges. I use two different FTP settings for indoors and outdoors as a result.

Final word, they are going for crazy money on eBay, so £300 is OK in the current market. Definitely worth a punt

I bought a tacx flux from Wiggle for just shy of £600 nearly three years ago. Never had any problems and I’ve used it 3 times a week consistently, even did my everesting on it last week.
Very rarely have dropouts on Bluetooth, the only limiting factors is the wattage and maximum slopes it can replicate that you get on the more expensive trainers.
A friend of mine had his same model fail but got it replaced, apparently it’s quite common but if it holds up it’s a more than capable trainer

I’m using a Tacx flux S for 3 years now, at first the power readings were very different from my old wheel on trainer, having since bought a power metre I have learned that the flux was the more accurate.

The only issues I have had is a squeaking noise when putting the power down, i opened it up gave the pulleys a clean and it’s been fine since, no need to change the belt

The belt does stretch over time, if it starts to slip a bit of belt dressing might help in the short term but the permanent fix is a new belt, they are cheap and easy to fit