Tacx Vortex-it is broken again

Hi, last winter I bought a tacx vortex smart trainer. After few weeks of training It broke. It pretty much stop responding to a power higher than 240 watts. The unit just stop working, a resistance is all over a place and it gives a burning smell. I was like, ok sometimes product may be faulty. I contacted the tacx and get a replacement through an online shop where I bought a unit. The hole process took one month and I have to pay for a courier a 30$. They said that it was a problem with a break . But I was working out today and exactly same thing occur. I am done. Probably I will get a replacement unit after one month and paying another 30$. My training will be destroyed and It may happen again next year when my warranty will end. I don’t recommend Tacx Vortex and Tacx overall. I will try to get my money back but I am not sure if it will be possible. Sorry for that emotional post but I am really pissed off.

Have you tried contacting tacx support directly? I had an issue with the roller on my vortex and they shipped me a new centre part to the trainer for me to fit myself. No questions and no charge. I’m in Europe though so in the USA your milage may vary.

It also might be worth considering, if you’ve killed 2 in the same manner is there something you’re doing wrong? Too much roller resistance? An off-round wheel? Not saying its likely to be an issue on your end but it’s worth considering.

I am from Poland and I bought it in Germany. I am using a Tacx tire a wheel is perfectly centred and I am using a mid-gear and spinning like 100 rpms tire always pumped to recommended pressure.

Definitely get in touch directly via their website then. They’re based in Holland and the direct support I received was good. Saves the delay of sending to the dealer who then has to send to tacx and the reverse on the way back.