Tacx Vortex Smart trainer does not show up

So, I recently bought a used Tacx Vortex Smart wheel on Tainer, setup went fine up until the point where I tried to connect it to my phone, or my PC, or my MacBook.
It just won’t show up, neither with bluetooth, not ANT+(I have a USB Dongle, which works, the applications says ANT+ is available).
The included Headunit works flawlessy.
Has anyone got an idea as to why I can’t connect the trainer to any device?

Have a look at the light codes and see if that helps.

This sets alarm bells ringing for me… what included headunit?

I’ve got a vague recollection of an old vortex that wasn’t ant+ or Bluetooth compatible.

Edit: it was called the “i-vortex” think it only worked with the tacx training app at first - not sure if 3rd party aps were ever supported - could be wrong.

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Mine definitely is, it has the Logos on the sticker with the SN, it is definitely supposed to work with zwift, sufferfest etc

It flashes green, as it should, so there should be no errors

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Definitely worth reaching out to trainerroad support.

I’m fairly sure that trainerroad only supported the T2180 vortex and it sounds like you have a T2170 or earlier if it comes with a head unit.

Hope I’m wrong - good luck.