Tacx Flux S - what gear should I be in?

Hi All, I’ve had a tacx flux s for 2 years and starting to notice that some rides my power will flucuate or be very spiky and not at smooth at holding the power as it use to be. I did a ramp test the other day and towards the end the power was all over the place.

I feel like this is hindering my ramp test and not giving me a accurate FTP result.

I’m wondering if I’m in to big of gear and what gear other people that use a tacx flux s are using.

I have the Tacx Flux as well. I believe TR’s documentation states that you should be in the small ring in front and in a middle gear on your cassette.

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Tacx Flux S - Gearing / accuracy - Equipment - TrainerRoad

It is best to use a lower flywheel speed. This will give you a more accurate power number.

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Thanks, I’ll start using the small chain ring from now.