Changing from Kinetic wheel-on trainer to TACX flux

I’ve been using a Kinetic wheel on trainer for years but my wife surprised me with a Tacx Flux. Will the power be very different? Is the only way to be sure is to ramp test? Anything else I should do differently?

  • Yes, almost certainly. Power measurement methods are different and so is flywheel inertia.
  • Yes, or another test format that your prefer and have used previously.
  • The above assumes you don’t have a bike-based power meter as your measuring stick. But even when that’s the case, the change in flywheel mentioned can lead to power performance deltas despise the same measurement tool.
  • Experiment with the new ERG, Resistance and Standard modes you now gave access to compared the Kinetic. You now have options to use any or all available modes, and thw only way to learn what you like is to test them.
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Welcome to direct drive. I was on a kinetic road machine for years (with assiomas) until I found a used kickr for 100$ on fb marketplace.

I’m loving erg, make sure you explore big ring vs small ring to see which you prefer. I prefer big ring middle of the cassette. Straight chain, and higher flywheel inertia feels more natural to me.

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