Tacx Flux firmware - anyone know how to roll it back?

I updated to the newest version of the flux firmware the other day and it has stopped my flux from being seen by TrainerRoad. I’ve contacted both TR support and Tacx support - TR have confirmed that the firmware is causing issues with some Flux units, but Tacx have not been very useful.

TR are working on fixing the problem at their end, but the problem is that until then I’m without a trainer, so I thought I’d see if any of the forum super-nerds had any ideas how to get my Flux back. Does anyone know if there’s a way of rolling back the Flux firmware? Or any other ideas?

The PC applications from TACX come with some (hidden in the program files folder) tools to help restore your trainer in the event something bad happens. Im not sure if it can downgrade or not but it can definitely fix a failed upgrade.

Im guessing you are having trouble with bluetooth? Is ant+ working?

Aha! Hadn’t thought of trying ANT+ with my Mac. Will search out a dongle and see if that works in the interim. Thanks!

When was the update released? Haven’t updated mine for about 12 months

If your firmware works my advice is don’t upgrade it. It’s risky for very little benefit.