Problems with connection ANT+ and Tacx Flux 2

Hi all! I just bought a Tacx Flux 2 for the replacement of my old Tacx Ironman trainer. I really hoped to enjoy the silence but … Since I started to use the new trainer, I haven’t enjoyed once single training on Trainerroad. What is the problem? I use trainerroad on a small windows laptop with ANT+. The windows app finds all my ANT+ sensors: HRM, Quarq DZero powe, including the trainer with speed/cadans enabled. Nice. I start the training… After a certain time the connection with the trainer (in erg mode) is lost… :-(… When I look into the windows app, the device is still there in the state “connecting…”. I need to take off the power of the trainer and then power on again. Then the trainer will be reconnected. Every training I need to do this several time. That is not funny… I also tried with an Android tablet (5 years old) but also there I had similar kind of problem. The ANT+ receiver is near my bike with an extended USB cable. I don’t have problems in connecting the other devices (HRM, Quarq). I was thinking of switching to BT instead of ANT+ but then it is not recommended to use the speed and cadence option of the trainer.

Is it a Tacx Flux 2 trainer problem or sofware problem of Trainerroad? Any suggestions what I could try to use my new Tacx Flux 2 trainer with ANT+ without problems?

Regards Johan.

Update: this ant-dongle-connection-problem looks like the same problem as I have: several dropouts during a one hour training. I going to try to connect the trainer in BT and it powermeter in ANT+ as CapraHam11 suggested in his post. Hope this helps…

Have you contacted to review your issue?

Not yet. If that is the best way to get support, I will do that. I will wait till I have tried tomorrow what I mentioned in the initial post.

  • For this type of app issue (potentially TR app specific), it really is. They sometimes watch threads here. But you are guaranteed to get contact and support via an email each and every time.

Agreed. I had the same issue with my Tacx Flux recently. I contacted the helpdesk and they were really helpful and also followed up after a few days to make sure things were still running ok.

I would recommend switching to Bluetooth until you have a response as this will ensure that you can continue to workout until you have a solution.

Good luck!

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Today I did a TR training with intervals. Flux 2 connected with BT and Quarq powermeter and HRM with Ant+… This worked for me… Finally a training without dropouts. I still will share my experiences with support by mail. Still have some questions also. First I will enjoy some trainings… :wink: Finally…