Tacx Vortex repeatedly dropping connection after update

I’ve just restarted my subscription for winter and using my otherwise trusty Tacx Vortex. A couple of days ago as I opened up TR a pop-up mentioned something about an update regarding Tacx. I clicked it, and carried on as normal. Since then my trainer unpairs or stops reporting power at least every interval. I’ve switched Bluetooth off on my laptop, phone and mouse so there’s nothing else to distract my setup. Anyone else having this problem?

Did you try forgetting the device and re-pairing in your laptop’s bluetooth settings?

All my kit is ANT+ now, but yeah, I guess I should try re-pairing. Having done an hour I decided to just persevere than start again!

That’s weird…
What do you use? (might have to contact their support)

TR desktop app had an update to help with tacx flux in Nov
don’t know if it did the same on the mobile app but that’s what i use and haven’t had any issues in terms of dropping