My Tacx Flux S disconnected mid workout and TR now can´t connect to it [Resolved ✅]

When I go to the Devices page on the PC app the Tacx appears as one of the options, I click the button to connect it but after thinking for around 10 seconds nothing happens. Up till now it has always worked fine and until it got disconnected the workout was going great. I have tried connecting to the Tacx with the Tacx app and it works fine. This is all over blutooth.

If you can, try connecting with ANT+. Then disconnect and try Bluetooth again. If that doesn’t work, try unplugging, leaving it unplugged for a good long time (say an hour), and then trying again. I’ve had BT get “stuck” on my Neo a few times, and those have worked.

I take you have tried the switch off/on protocol @3enrique : switch everything off, close everything and reboot. If you have and are still having problems, its probably best to contact support

It’s weird, I’ve been having issues like that very recently (also with a Tacx Flux S). If I stop for more than a few seconds, the trainer seems to completely ignore erg mode commands afterwards, and even cycling the power does not resolve it. Yesterday I ended up using resistance mode (which worked fine), today switching from BT over to ANT+. I have a funny feeling it’s PowerMatch that gets lost, but no proof, other than the long time it took for power to finally meet the demand after I switched to ANT+. The fact that resistance mode works also fits my unproven theory. And finally, TR software gets updated often, Tacx firmware basically never; and years of software debugging has taught me to look at recent software changes when system behavior changes.

Hey, all!

Looking into this to see if I can help with some more comprehensive troubleshooting similar to what @HLaB suggested.
There may be a few more steps I can dig up if this is a known Tacx Flux S issue, or I’ll find out if these are edge-cases for a few of you. Standby!


Okay checking back in about this after doing some digging.

@3enrique You’re describing a pairing issue with your Tacx Flux S being visible in TrainerRoad to pair via BLE, but won’t actually pair.

This doesn’t sound like a bug or a dropout issue, I think the most likely issue is your trainer possible pairing to another 3d party app creating a connectivity conflict.

To address this:

  1. Update your TrainerRoad app to the most current version,
  2. Do a complete reset of the trainer (unplug for a few min before plugging back in)
  3. Make sure you’re not due for a Tacx firmware update. [Here] is the link to download.
  4. After you’ve checked for firware updates in the Tacx app, you’ll want to ensure you’re not connected to any other 3rd party apps, including the Tacx app you just used.

@rocourteau What you’re describing is different, where ERG mode stops working after you pause mid-ride.

This could just be that PowerMatch can take a few seconds to get locked back in after stopping. This is intended behavior, as we ‘reset’ the resistance when you stop so you don’t get hit with a ton of resistance right away after pedaling again. Gearing could influence this a bit, where if you’re not in a relatively easier gear, that experience could be intensified while in a big gear.
We recommend the small front chain ring (if it’s a road bike) and middle of the cassette.

For your troubleshooting though, I would also recommend:

  1. Update your TrainerRoad app to the most current version,
  2. Make sure you’re not due for a Tacx firmware update. [Here] is the link to download.
  3. Double check the gear ratio you’re in before your next workout. Ensure you are in a middle/neutral gear to let ERG mode do it’s thing from there, and see if that improves that lag to get locked in again once you return from pausing.

Let me know how that works for you both! Cheers.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, both TR and the trainer are updated. I do get that it can take time for PowerMatch to find itself - but we’re talking no match after two minutes here, with no sign of recovery. Look at this example, starting at 36 mins; after waiting, cycling power, etc, I shifted up and up and up until I got close to the power target. You can see in the following recovery (40 to 44 mins) the trainer is not following the power demand, and again into the next interval - until I got fed up and switched to resistance mode at 45:50 approx.

Same game here, starting at 21:40 approx. I fixed it at approx 24:50 by replacing the BT connection by ANT+. No issues after that, including another workout this morning.

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Stoked to hear this! Let me know if anything else surfaces similar to those aforementioned issues, and we can run through some more troubleshooting. Happy training!