Tacx FLUX S dropping power mid interval

I have been having issues with my Tacx Flux S dropping power mid interval. Firmware is up to date.

I noticed it about 4 rides ago during the FTP test. Towards the end, it wouldn’t meet that power requirements.

Then, it wouldn’t jump enough for the VO2 max workout I did. Now, I am noticing that mid sweet spot intervals, it drops 20 - 30 W for a few minutes at a time, then seems to get its act together and reestablished the intervals power.

Connect to iPhone 12 via Bluetooth. Thinking about trying a Ant+ dongle to a PC. Anyone else have ideas? Maybe an optical sensor going bad?

OK there are a few things to try here.

  1. Was it happening before you updated? If so then perhaps the previous version was better with the Bluetooth connectivity. I had this and had the software to do the rollback. I have recently updated but am using ant+
  2. How close is your phone to the tacx unit? Is there anything around that could cause interference - a fan can cause electrical interference.
  3. Get an ant+ dongle but also get a USB extension lead to get the sensor as close to the unit as possible. This is what I did as I have a fan and fridge causing issues.

On Facebook there’s a tacx flux owner group where most people moan bit some people are really helpful with this.

I appreciate the tips. I don’t have a fan because I have been banished to the garage by my wife and its cold AF out there. I do have the at least one baby monitor, sometime two, and coincidently also a fridge nearby.

I’ll try and find the FB group and move the monitors farther away and see if that helps. If not, I’ll try the USB extender and the ANT+ dongle.


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