Syncing Garmen Edge 520

Hi All, anyone know why the Garmens Edge 520 HR Monitor is not picking up in the Trainer Road App? I have replace the battery, shut off all other bluetooth connections but nothing. It works perfectly pairing to my device but not the app?

The Edge 520 doesn’t have a built in HRM? Unless you just mean the standard Garmin HR strap in which case they weren’t bluetooth compatible until just recently. If you’re using the older straps (like I am), it is only broadcast via ANT+

The 520 comes either without a HR monitor, or with a standard Garmin HR strap. I assume this is the sensor you’re using. It’s ANT+ only. What device are you running TrainerRoad on?

Thank you - makes sense. Does TR pick up ANT+ yes its the standard strap that comes with it

Suito Elite Trainer, using my ipad… could use my macbook too

Depends which device you run it on. PC/Mac with ANT+ dongle = yes, iPhone/iPad/Apple TV = no, Android phone/tablet = not sure.

There’s your problem. No ANT+ receiver on an iPad.

Add in an ANT+ dongle and you’re in business.

Or get a dual ANT+/Bluetooth HR strap.