Garmin HRM not being found

Hi All

I have a Garmin Dual Heart Rate monitor which I have been using with TR since October without a problem - I bought it new to replace a Wahoo HRM which broke (very flimsy).

Suddenly it is not found by TR on either my iPad or iPhone, but it is picked up by my Garmin bike computer (using Ant+).

So I have got out another Garmin dual HRM and exactly the same - it works with ANT+ on my Garmin Edge, but not on TR on the iphone/ipad.

Are there any known issues or gotchas here? Seems odd that two HRMs won’t work with two bluetooth devices but will both work with an ANT+ device.

Bluetooth can only work with one device at a time. So I’m guessing that the Bluetooth signal is being “captured” by something else. Or possibly there is some EMF interference on the bluetooth band.

I’d suggest turning off Bluetooth on all but one device, delete and pair again on just one of your ipad/iphone, and only once it is connected start up your Edge.

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