Myzone HR strap with TR

Work just gave us all myzone HR straps. Does anyone know if they work with TR as well or at least close to my wahoo tickr?

Yes they will work! they transmit ant+ and blue tooth!! Ive only connected on my mac with both.

Awesome to hear. I use my laptop with the Bluetooth dongle, but I’m guessing that will still work then

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Maybe I spoke too soon. It doesn’t seem to find it on the PC or phone version. Oh well, I’m on the tri plan anyway and it connects to my garmin so I’ll still get credit for the running

Thats weird my mac picks up the bluetooth and my garmin ant+ stick picks up the ant+ signal connected to the Mac.

Bluetooth Sensors (like your Heart Rate Monitor) can only pair to one location at a time. This means that if the HRM is paired to another app, or even the phone’s Bluetooth Settings, you will not be able to pair via TrainerRoad.

Is it possible that your strap is paired somewhere else, preventing it from pairing with TrainerRoad?

lol yeah, that did it

Thank you!!!

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Sweet, I’m glad to hear it :boom:

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