How can I have my heart rate connected to the trainer road app

Hi guys, I want to know if I can have a field in the trainer road app that is connected to my Garmin HRM-Tri, so I can see my heart rate later in the activity and compare the series of power with my heart rate.
Because now what I’m actually doing is having 2 activities, one in my Garmin forerunner 935 connected to my tacx Neo and the HRM-Tri and another activity of trainer road, but I want to have all in the activity of trainer road because this activity distinguish the repetitions of power and the activity of Garmin only shows me the total of time, not by series.
Sorry for my English but it’s not my language.
Thanks a lot!

If you can broadcast the HR then the TR app can pick it up (depending on what hardware you are using to run the app). I broadcast from my fenix 5 to the TR Mac app over ANT+

Do you have a tacx Neo plus this ? With this you can see the heart rate in the Mac app or the iPhone app ?

You can have multiple “applications” connected to a device that broadcasts over ANT+, which your HR monitor supports. So you can have your Forerunner and TR App both connected to the same HR monitor. The key is whether the device you are running TR on supports ANT+. What device do you run TR on? IOS Apps require Bluetooth. PCs and Android phones can use ANT+ USB dongles and some Androids have ANT+ natively.

I have a Garmin HRM-Tri chest strap, and use the Garmin vector 3 pedals for my indoor power training on TR. I use my MacBook Pro with an ANT+ usb adaptor. They both connect to the laptop through that, and both display real time as well as viewable after in TR.

It sounds like you have a separate HRM strap, is that right?

In that case, you can pair the HRM strap to TrainerRoad directly with the proper hardware. Garmin HRM straps use ANT+, may I ask what device you are using with TrainerRoad? The device you are using will determine the dongles needed to get things working properly :slight_smile:

Hi, yes I’m using a Garmin HRM-tri strap. Then I have a smart trainer tacx neo and I pair the tacx neo with an iphone xs.
So, do you think that if I buy this I could get a field with my heart rate in the trainer road app? And then that activity will go to my garmin connect on my phone with heart rate and power metrica?

It looks like that one is to plug into a computer. All the ones I see for iPhone are the 30 pin connector the older iPhones had. I believe you would need that ant+ adapter and a 30 pin to lightening adapter. That’s what it says in the support page.

Buy a different HRM - one with both BLE and ANT.

Or buy the CABLE device:

But I think you can likely get a new HRM for cheaper.