TR has doesn't detect my HRM strap

My Garmin Edge 520 picks up the heart rate monitor strap, but TR on my laptop does not.

TR has no problem detecting my Stages PM.

Any advice/input?

What connection type is being used between 520 and HRM (ANT+ or Bluetooth)? How are you trying to connect to laptop?

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blue tooth

the stages PM is also bluetooth

Bluetooth only allows connection between one pair of devices:

  • Make certain that you are not pairing the HRM to any other device other than the one you want TrainerRoad to read.

What HRM strap are you using?
I’m pretty sure both of mine don’t work without an ant+ dongle. I don’t think they work with native Bluetooth on the laptop as they only transmit ANT+?

It could just be that your HRM strap is an older model with ANT+ only. In this case you can use an ANT+ dongle on your laptop at the same time as the native Bluetooth for your other devices, or buy a newer ‘dual’ type of HRM.

I had this problem using TR on my laptop with a Wahoo Tickr. Had no problem connecting TR with Kickr or cadence sensors. And had no problem connecting the Tickr to TR on iPhone. I ended up using TR with iPhone. Tickr works with new laptop, so I have no idea what the problem was with old laptop.