Garmin HR not synching with Trainer Road - Laptop Window 10

I have a new Bluetooth Garmin HRM and Windows 10 Laptop and cant get the HRM to pick up in devices. I have tried everything, including getting the suggested ANT Dongle. Anyone else solve this problem ?

Ant+ dongle solved mine. Sorry,

I don’t have a fix but I can’t get my Garmin HRM Dual to connect to my iPhone or any other device. It works with the headunit via ANT+ just fine. But it won’t connect trough BLE. It worked when I got it new. Don’t know what has changed. Am also interested in a solution other than buying a new HR Strap.

Try doing a reset by removing the battery and shorting the positive and negative terminals inside the battery housing. Not sure if this is still procedure but it works to wake up older units.

Might as well put in a new battery while you are at it.

Thanks… will give it a go… have changed

Yeah. With the older units when you changed the battery if you didnt short out the battery terminals before installing the new one then the unit would appear dead. Not sure if thats still the case.