Syncing Advice for Strava/Garmin

I’ve been on trainerroad for over a year, only use it indoor with a smart meter.
For outdoor rides I use a Garmin 520+ which syncs to my Strava account.

I am impressed with the updated Strava Summit Training Analysis (previously had premium but dropped back to free account) and would like to use this to combine my TR, Running and Outdoor Cycling.

So should I sync TR with Garmin Connect which will, in turn sync with Strava?
Or should I Sync TR directly with Strava?
(I’m guessing I don’t want or need to sync with both)

Also can I automatically “hide” my secret squirrel TR training from all my Strava followers…or it that incredibly bad form :wink:


You can sync everything with everything. The various services will deal with duplicates.

The only way to auto hide would be to mark your profile private. Otherwise it’s case by case for marking rides as private.

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