Syncing outdoor workout to Garmin without syncing from Garmin to Trainerroad

I want to be able to sync upcoming workouts to my Garmin Edge 830 if I want to do them outdoors. It seems I’ll have to connect Trainerroad to Garmin Connect to do this - but it wants to sync data from Garmin to Trainerroad as well, which I don’t really want it to do.

Isn’t there a way to choose which data is synced when connecting to Garmin? Other services, I have used, have had check boxes allowing to select and deselect different data…

When you authorize the Ride Sync connection between TR and GC, you can select which way you want the data to flow, and you can choose whether you want outdoor workouts, or all rides done on TR to go to the Garmin.

If you are doing TR workouts outside, presumably you want the completed workout to then show up on TR?

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I don’t see that - I get a list of all the data it wants to sync, but no way to select or deselect them.

Yes, but they already sync from Garmin to Strava and Strava syncs to Trainerroad. I have really bad experiences with letting everything sync and having doubles, tripples or worth of everything, that I have to deal with myself, so I like to control what goes where…