Linking with Strava & Garmin

This was the message posted on my Career-TrainerRoad page (“Connect your Strava and Garmin Connect accounts to analyze all your indoor and outdoor ride data”). In the past my outside ride data was posted on Strava and TrainerRoad. Do I need to reSync?

Sorry about that @fbender. I’m not sure why that notification popped up.

I just checked your account, and your RideSync is still connected to Strava, Garmin, and TrainingPeaks.

thank you

Hei @Bryce. Are there any plans to mark outdoor workouts on strava as TR Workouts?

Hmm, that is not on the roadmap currently, but that is a good point. Currently, on the TSS chart we only differentiate indoor vs outdoor workouts, but perhaps a more useful comparison would be structured vs non-structured rides. I will pass this idea onto the team for consideration.


thank you. much appreciated!

Did anyone get an email from Strava titled:

Re-sync your Garmin and Strava accounts today

They offered me a link on how to do it. First I was thinking that maybe this was spam. Strava and Garmin still seem to be working. It bugs me that they don’t say why this should be done. Thanks.