Wahoo Bolt rides not sync'ing to TR via Strava

Is anyone having a problem with outdoor rides not coming across from Strava? I’ve the last 3 or 4 days riding outdoors and they are up on Strava but they’re not visible on TR.
Also and maybe connected Strava identified bike rides as general workouts NOT rides. I had to manually change it to ride.
I’ve disconnected Strava & TR and reconnected, but it’s still not synch’ed.
OK so I updated phone app & Wahoo Bolt firmware. Deleted the rides from Strava. Then disconnected TR from Strava.
Uploaded from Wahoo phone app to Strava and reconnected TR & Strava…and it all works nicely again.
Thanks for the help & suggestions :+1: :+1: :+1:

I had to disconnect and reconnect the TR and Strava services. Worked fine after that.

Latest bolt firmware addressed the ride type issue .


Had to reauthorize Strava etc through Wahoo app when mine started not syncing.
Working fine now…

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I wish services would tell you to reauthorize, when something (whatever that may be to require reauthorization) changes. It’s not a huge pain, but it would be nice to know something needs to reauthorize, and wishfully thinking that they would tell you why it needs to reauthorize.

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I agree it’s been a complete pain in the ****!

Hey guys, my wahoo elemnt bolt would not sync my ride today. I’ve ridden indoors all week so I didn’t use it to track any rides. Today it worked perfectly on the ride syncing to my PM and HRM. I finished up and it said “syncing activities” without the usual upload bar that appears with it. And that is all I have. It will to sync or update firmware. I have factory reset it and tried to upload a different activity, I have hard reset it, I have updated the app, powered everything off and on a dozen times. Nothing. Anyone have experience with this? The unit is a year old with about 10,000 miles on it. Until this I have had absolutely zero issue with it. I have always praised wahoo because “it just works”

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Hey, I had the same issue as well over the weekend, and just had it happen again tonight. Saturday it didn’t sync at all until I restarted everything, and today it stopped syncing with the phone and updating my live track link when I paused the workout mid ride. Have you submitted a ticket yet?


I had to reauthorize my bolt/wahoo app to strava earlier this year. The headunit has always uploaded by wifi when I got home. It was working in feb, and all of a sudden in march or april I noticed a ride didn’t sync. It was uploading to dropbox just fine, but the strava link stopped working (but didn’t show an error either). First time I’ve had to fiddle with it in 2 years I think – maybe exactly 2 years now that I think about it more (xmas gift; first ride in feb or march, weather-dependent).

As for TR sync’ing from strava, seemed a bit slow this month pulling in outdoor rides from strava. I could sit down at my computer and see them on intervals.icu, but waited an hour or more for it show up in TR. Not sure if it’s a pattern or fluke yet, but I’m assuming fluke.

There were two threads about wahoo syncing issues that got merged, but I think there is a slight difference between the two. We are having issues with the wahoo head unit itself syncing to the companion app so it will upload, not the app to Strava. When you get back from a ride and you connect the bolt/elemnt to the wahoo app, it gets stuck on “syncing ride data”. Has this happened to anyone else recently?

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Also had/having issues with this.

First issue as others have noted was that the Wahoo sync’s with strava but the ride then wouldn’t appear on TR after a short time. Disconnecting and reconnecting the link between Strava and TR seems to have improved this issue.

Secondly is that it seems to be taking a lot longer for all of this to happen. Sometimes I wait 15-30 minutes for rides to show up on TR after syncing with Strava. Pretty annoying, hoping that these services will address this with an update soon

Yes this is the problem I am having. It is still persistent.

I submitted a ticket and they said it’s a bug they are aware of and are working on a fix. There is a “elemnt owners” group on google which has a few people reporting this issue as well.


Got a wahoo update last night, check the upate notes and the syncing is supposed to be fixed now.

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Got 3 uodates this week. Still not syncing after 3 weeks. I flagged this with Wahoo, but still no fix. I might trade in my Bol=t for another GPS device.

Have you tried unauthorizing Strava and re-authorizing it within the Wahoo app? Fixed the issue for me and many others

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Yeah agreed. I don’t have any issues with live track, outside workouts, etc anymore. The only open issue is my calorie count is off by 25-30% using assiomas, which is a known bug apparently. I’m back to being happy with the bolt.

Fixed on my end by updating to the new Elemnt firmware, deleting the Elemnt app, reinstalling it, unauthorizing TR, then deauthorizing TR. After all that, success!

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Even within my ELEMNT history on my phone app does not update unless I close all out and reboot. Been doing such for a month

My rides go from Strava into the TR calendar smoothly.

I can’t get planned rides from the TR Calendar into the Wahoo Element app. I have deleted and re installed both the Wahoo Element app and TR. I’ve unauthorised and re authorised TR and Strava.
TR app says it’s pulling info from my Calendar, but it can’t find and pair with the Element head set.
On the element phone app, when I go into planned workouts, it says “sync from web”. When I click on it, it takes my to a page where TR is authorised, and says it will happen automatically, which does not happen. I open the TR app and click load work out, but it can’t find a device to pair with.

Should theTR app be pairing with the head set or linking with the element app on my phone?
I think the element app uses blue tooth to pair with my phone and maybe that means TR can’t then use this to pair with the headset?
I don’t know how to change the headset and phone connection method to ant + or wifi

any ideas gratefully received