Swimrun and Mountainbiking, how should I proceed with Olympic Triathlon plans?

I´m competing in both Swimrun and Mountainbike, therefor I do the Triathlon plans :v:t5:
I have just completed Olympic Triathlon Base Low Volume
and is 3 weeks into Olympic Triathlon Build Low Volume.

I have lots of time until my A-race and would like to have some input about how to proceed.

Should I do go back to base and do “Base, Build, Spec” or proceed with this compo, “Spec, Build, Spec”?

Anders Daag

We would recommend proceeding to Specialty, then taking a rest week or two before performing a “rebuild” where you progress through Build > Specialty again. The reason you might be better served by this is that your equivalent distance is only “Olympic,” so there’s not a huge need for a massive aerobic base like the one you would develop by repeating Base > Build again. Also, on the second time around you could look into doing a mountain-bike specific Specialty plan alongside the Olympic Tri plan (for the running workouts). This might prepare you better for your MTB race goals, and you would just need to follow two plans at once to build your own “offroad Tri” plan. :wink: