Base, build, base, specialty for 70.3

My plan builder for 70.3 in May has me going from base - build - back to base for 4 weeks - and then specialty. This has me questioning why I would go back to base before specialty?

How many weeks to your event?

Usually all the blocks start with a ramp.
So the theory goes that you do build phase at certain power level, then go for more base at a higher power level and the next time you do build your power and overall fitness should be higher.

Just make sure you pay attention to run volume. Going back to base and than jumping up to specialty can be a huge jump in run volume and, in my opinion, not a good idea.


Volume is not necessarily bad.
If its added volume with intensity, that could be a problem. But more easy miles should be a non issue for most people.

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True, however I have seen plan builder do some weird things with run volume. One iteration for me had my long run jump from 45 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes. That kind of increase is an injury waiting to happen.


Thats is a huge increase… Yes… be aware of crazy things like that…

The run is definitely one of the places where Plan Builder lets itself down. It is constrained by the idea that filling up the extra time with base is not a bad idea (which it really isnt) but the Triathlon plans are definitely written to be linear through Base-Build-Specialty without deviation from that. While it isnt applicable here adding in extra base to the sprint triathlon plans would lose the top end speed thats worked up in build and sharpened in Specialty. You effectively go from easy running to resonably long VO2 interval runs.

In this situation I would go back to base training for the bike but almost ignore the length of the workouts for the run, if you can fit more run volume in then do that. The reduction of intensity on the bike will likely be beneficial when paired with longer less intense runs.


My event is 28 weeks away. I know it’s early, but I enjoy the structured training.

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Yes, when looking at it I was concerned about the reduction in run volume. Thanks for the reply.

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28 week is a long time. You dont want to spend too much time on a single phase.

I think TR approach is a solid one when it comes to preparing you for the bike portion of a triathlon.

I thought about doing a mid volume base and then transitioning into a high volume base plan, but was concerned about too long of a base season.