Calendar export no longer including workout time

The calendar export is no longer including the duration of planned workouts. This is what used to be included:

SUMMARY:1:00 - Bashful +1

Now it is:

SUMMARY:Bashful +1

This breaks the “future fitness” feature in :frowning:

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My export is still with the time exported ( and google calendar). And if you have the TSS and the IF, you can calculate the time by: Time = TSS/IF/IF.

But I would not understand if they omitted this Information. Scheduling your day would be a pain, if you don’t know if it’s a 45min ride or 3h megaride.

Or just look at he calendar… i see the length the same way as any other appointment.

Uhhh … i should be on the bike right now :slight_smile:

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Ah I missed the fact that the workouts now include start and end time. Thanks.