Sweet Spot image

I came across this image on the Rowe and King Instagram feed though I don’t know who owns it.

I just thought I’d share it as a simple pictoral representation of the sweet spot area.


Interesting. Do they give any information on what the “Arbitrary Units” are on the Y-axis?

‘Arbritary Units’ in this case represent Training Effect, Physiological Strain and Max. Duration which are obviously all measured in different ways, hence ‘arbitrary’…

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Also I wouldn’t assume these curves have been fit to any actual measurements or data.

I think this is the origin of the graphic:

With a related follow-up article:

All done by Frank Overton who is one of the founding fathers of SS.

This is my sheet that is founded from Dr. Coggan’s model with SS added (per TR data points).

Pulled from this sheet.


Active Recovery - Possible Duration = 75 years.

Not looking forward to that session.


LoL. Blame Dr. Coggan: P
(Pulled that and the other info from his chart on Training Peaks).

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Hi Chad

Seems like a great piece of training tool. Though, I’m following the instructions, but not able to get it to excel - what to do? Thx Kasper

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Those instructions are for making a copy in Google sheets.

For Excel, I haven’t tried, but how about a simple copy and paste?

Highlight all the desired cells, copy from Google, switch to Excel, and paste.

OK, I tried my suggestion and it fails.

Try this instead:

Thanks Chad, an interesting new resource for me!

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@mcneese.chad Dude, if you don’t work for TR, they should hire you! This image just answered a question I was going to start a thread with! (relationship between zone and TR levels).


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LOL, not an employee. That has been suggested before, and I am VERY FLATTERED by the suggestion :smiley:

I’m happy the chart is something people find valuable. Let me know if you see any needs to changes or additions.