Four-week sweet spot plan

Based on Chad’s “if all you do is sweet spot” talk, I was thinking how a 3 week sweet spot load + 1 week recovery progression could look like. I would then add +2-3% to the FTP after 4 weeks and repeat the progression.

I respond very well to sweet spot training and have the sole goal of raising FTP - not racing (4.0W/kg now, 4.4W/kg high this summer). At the same time I want to minimise the suffering on the trainer (I already have enough of that in my life).

Any suggestions for improvement? Thanks!

Time IF Intervals
Week 1
Ericsson 60 0,80 4x8
Monitor 60 0,81 6x6
Antelope 90 0,80 5x10
Week 2
Geiger 60 0,82 3x12
Antelope -5 60 0,83 4x10
Tallac +2 90 0,83 4x15
Week 3
Tallac 60 0,86 3x15
Geiger 60 0,82 3x12
Eclipse 90 0,83 3x20

Are you feeling like you need the recovery week after three weeks or do you feel okay going through 5 weeks then recovery week?

If it is not your first tango with training (and apparently not) the Eclipse would be workout I would start with not end the progression:) These workouts looks more like a threshold progression than sweet spot in terms of TiZ. With SST you see some kind of adaptations with intervals that are at least 15 min long (10 with threshold) and honestly 3x20@90% suppose to be easy if your FTP is set correctly, even if you are not inclined into sustained power.


I would agree. If doing sweetspot at say 90%… AND you have an accurate threshold ftp that you can hold for 40 mins or more (if not then argue it’s not ftp but…)

Then I’d be starting with 2x20 or 2x25 to be honest. Intervals less than 15 mins seem too short to me for sweetspot.

Now…if ftp is overestimated so ‘sweetspot’ is actually threshold work then shorter intervals are likely appropriate…but then not sweetspot!

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I would agree with others. I would start with a minimum of 10, and mix it up with the 20s on the weekends. Then progress to 25s and 30s and 40s.

Depending on the workout, I wouldn’t muck with FTP. I would just raise the intensity of the workout until you can hit the 2x40 @ 97%.

thanks a lot for your thoughts! you’ve come back to some the questions I’ve had. some definition questions coming in here as well as FTP testing, which I see as fair points.

I fully see the point in continuing with longer intervals in workouts (>10-15min)! following that line of thinking, after a recovery week, “week 1-2” are probably leading to too much detraining.

If I give it a go, I’ll report back. thanks!

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FWIW, I modified the SSB2MV plan to only four weeks (three weeks of work plus a recovery week). However, the SSB2MV plan has one day of VO2, one threshold, one over/under, and one sweet spot workout per week. I changed it to one VO2, one threshold, and two two-hour sweet spot workouts. I recognize it’s not entirely what you’re shooting for but additional details are below.

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