Sweet spot base progression?

So starting in November, I’ll begin my second progression through a full TR set (base, build, specialty). I was looking at doing sweet spot base 2 twice, instead of the usual 1 then 2 progression. My reasoning is that I didn’t want to take 6 weeks off of some form of vo2 work, and that the vo2 in ssb2 isn’t all that heavy. To the more experienced users, would this be a good idea, or would doing ssb2 twice be too much going forward into a build then specialty progression?


I believe @Nate has said the SSB2 double is totally doable. Also believe @chad has said, as you state, the VO2 in the plan isn’t overwhelming enough to cause burnout.


I agree with Captain_Doughnutman but will say it can be very hard mentally to to 12 weeks of sweetspot. I modified my 2. SSB with en a single VO2max day on sundays insted of the long hard SS-ride. That helped o lot and I think I need to get in that zone for real progression

My layout is SSB low vol 2 with 2 temporides pr week outside or Zwift.

In this reddit, @Nate said yes to it being ok to do SSB2 twice.

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